Product Description

Acu-Tech sells state-of-the-art Electrofusion Welding equipment.

Key benefits include:

  • Powerful – Welds electrofusion fittings up to 630mm (10 to 3500 seconds) in both Fusamatic and Manual modes.
  • Lightweight – At only 17kg including cables, SBox-60’s portability protects your back.
  • Reliability – Made in the UK for Acu-Tech, based on more than 30 years of experience.  Full Australian maintenance, calibration and repair services by Acu-Tech’s Equipment Department.
  • Safe Joint Records – Internal memory stores 2000 joints, and built in ‘Black Box’ SD card holds up to 100,000 joints: a lifetime’s records safely stored.
  • Large, easy read display – True graphics display with adjustable contrast and a wide viewing angle.
  • Always in control – You can search, view and analyse joint data on screen.
  • ControlPoint enabled – ControlPoint is a unique ‘Real Time’ remote quality assurance system.
  • Protected – Comes with a protective carry bag.  Easy to carry and designed to withstand knocks and scratches.


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